Puerto Rico - A Window from the Mountain Constructions to the Sea

Puerto Rico
'Puerto Rico resort in Gran Canaria, bird view' - Gran Canaria Island
'Puerto Rico resort in Gran Canaria, bird view' Kalin Eftimov / Shutterstock

Puerto Rico is a quiet destination for holidays with a fishing port. It is located in Mogán, in the south of the island. It started to develop in the sixties. Back then, it was very difficult to get there. However, with the good highways now, nothing stands in the way to spend the day on the beaches of the area and enjoy the sun with a very stable temperature and humidity. The sea is always calm and the sun is gentle. The beach of Puerto Rico is the first artificial beach of the island. It has the advantage of being next to the marina and a promenade of about a mile that separates it from the beach of Amadores. The visitor can enjoy parks, promenades, shopping centers and numerous sports and leisure facilities.

The Amadores beach is located between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán. It is a beautiful bay with clear waters and almost white sand. Quiet and relaxing. A very good option to visit while being in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico offers a wide selection of activities on the sea, including water skiing, sailing, diving, fishing, windsurfing, boat trips along the coast, dolphin watching and trips in transparent bottomed boats to discover the rich submarine life of the area.

The majority of visitors comprises of families. There is a beautiful public swimming pool decorated with tropical taste. There are numerous facilities: handicap ramps, bars, restaurants, shops, sun umbrellas, showers and very good connection to the public transport.

Here you'll also find a large shopping center, the 'Puerto Rico Mall', where you can enjoy pubs and clubs at night. There's also a thematic park in short distance, the 'Atlantis Waterpark'.

The area of Puerto Rico is full of buildings in the mountains facing the sea. So if the first thing you want to see in the morning is the sea and watching the magical sunset at night from your terrace, Puerto Rico offers gorgeous options.

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