Salobre - The Oasis in the Mountains


Salobre is part of Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria. The most striking feature of the area is the Sheraton Salobre Hotel, offering luxurious accommodation. It is located in a very arid landscape and a little bit away from everything. It is the perfect getaway for those who want to isolate themselves in the silence of the nature. The hotel is so well designed that it would be difficult to refuse an invitation to this place.

Harmoniously placed in the mountains, the hotel looks like part of the landscape, as if nature itself had placed it there. It has many open spaces and and even though it has 11 floors, the building always feels flat due to its position on the mountain. It has three elegant restaurants and bars.

The hotel also features a golf course with 36 holes. Salobre Golf & Resort is ideal for golf lovers as they can enjoy the magical silence and feeling of being in an oasis in the desert. Salobre offers high quality service, including green standards, golf carts, tees, and much more.

The golf course is situated in a landscape that's typical for the south of the island. It features spectacular ravines and mountain and sea views, contrasting green garden areas with a desert environment. The tour is very entertaining for any level of play due to the various designs of the holes.

The resort also offers 6 outdoor pools,a heated spa, saunas, a steam bath, a hammam with stone bed and jacuzzis. The outdoor pool boasts bubble beds, therapeutic jets, and a breath-taking view over the landscape. Next to this hotel, there are also other alternatives to stay in a luxury villa in the Salobre Golf.

Salobre is a true oasis in the middle of a mountain landscape, where you can perfectly isolate yourself from the busy world, your work and any daily problems. The only thing that seems to happen here is tranquility and peace.

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