Weather in Gran Canaria: The eternal spring

'landscape, rainbow and dunes on Gran Canaries desert' - Gran Canaria Island
'landscape, rainbow and dunes on Gran Canaries desert' science photo / Shutterstock

Gran Canaria enjoys good weather and a very mild climate most of the year. It is considered one of the best in the world. In summer, the temperature does not exceed 26 to 28 C, while in winter, temperatures usually don't drop below 16°C. Even during the winter months it's very nice, not to compare with the harsh winters of Europe. The island has a sub-tropical climate with a feeling of eternal spring. Gran Canaria is also known as the miniature continent due to its several microclimates and the considerable regional differences in rainfall and temperature.

All this is because the central peaks (maximum height in the Pozo de las Nieves 1949 m) act as a barrier against the humid winds trade winds. Therefore, the area is so lush in the north and so dry and arid in the south. The prevailing winds of the north-east deposit brings rain to the north of the island, leaving the south-west mostly without any rain. The contrast caused by the difference in rainfall is remarkable when you're driving around the island. Sometimes, you can change from sunbathing on the beach to play in the snow on the peaks in just an hour´s drive. All of this allows the practice of any outdoor sport almost throughout the year.

The sea water temperature is usually warm and varies between 18°C in winter and 22°C in summer. For this reason you can enjoy the beaches throughout the year, especially in the south of the island. The trade winds sent by the ocean gently cool down the island.

Gran Canaria faces days of Calima. This is an airborne dust from the Sahara Desert (just 220km away). When this happens, everything becomes covered with a thin reddish dust and temperatures rise.

The sun is guaranteed in the summer from about April to October, especially in the south of the island. Gran Canaria receives winter rains mainly in the north. At night however, temperatures cool down, making it advisable to always take a jacket with you.